If you are not wealthy already, there are probably very good reasons for it. And those reasons are most likely in you—not in the world around you. Trading will only bring you the success you want if you identify those reasons and address them.

This section of the book describes a process of self-discovery and personal empowerment in the context of trading. If you commit to this process, it will bring you a deeper understanding of your internal dynamics and how your mental programming affects your success and fulfillment. It is a journey that is likely to produce numerous personal and financial rewards—if you choose to wholeheartedly embark upon it and do the work required.

Re-programming the mind takes time, however, and the frustrations and resistance that you may experience along the way may deter you if you are not fully committed to the process—and to yourself. It takes courage and determination to confront your own negative programming and to re-assess the validity of the expectations, projections and beliefs that have shaped your life.

Bear in mind that your ego will try to keep you stuck in the old way of thinking (as will some of your friends, family or colleagues). It has a huge investment in maintaining the status quo as it is designed to keep you safe from perceived threats. And anything that creates fear is perceived by the ego as a threat, even if that fear is irrational or counter-productive. Fear is the biggest block to success and that is what you will be working with here: your subconscious fear of success, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, etc, which ultimately creates a life of diminishing returns.

Olga Sheean