The LEFT Brain Trading©

The DIY e-course offers a cost-effective alternative to the One-on-one Premium course. It contains similar information to keep you firmly on track with your trading. It also contains an expanded version of all the information included in the e-book, so there is no need to purchase both this e-course and the e-book as well.

If, having completed the e-course, you would like to have either Mindset coaching with Olga Sheean, or Technique coaching with Lewis Evans, this can be arranged here.

The LBT training course is a powerful combination of tools and techniques designed to help you become a successful independent trader – and much more. As any trader will tell you, having the right mindset is the key to success. When you have the right mindset, you will find that other parts of your life change for the better as well. Also, being able to utilize a simple technique, based on ancient knowledge that pervades our lives in ways that most of us are unaware of, is a powerful asset in the complex world of Forex trading.

The course is divided into two sections: mindset and technique. Because our individual trading abilities evolve at different rates, the course is designed to maximize its effectiveness for each participant. It gives you the tools to start trading immediately.

Mindset - by Olga Sheean

Change your mind, change your bank balance

Olga has developed unique processes to help you radically change your mind about life and to implement powerful new tools for creating what you want. From an early age, your mind is programmed to think and operate in certain ways, many of them extremely limiting, negative and self-destructive. Much of this programming is subconscious, which means it is beyond your awareness and control. Yet this programming has a powerful impact on your life—not just influencing your personality or motivation, but literally determining your particular circumstances. If our programming is negative, as much of it is, then we automatically attract circumstances, challenges, dynamics and relationships that fall short of what we want. Olga's process enables you to identify your unique mental profile and positively re-programme your mind so that it is works 100% in your favour. Transforming your negative programming is the most powerful way to create what you want. You can make up your own mind and make life work for you.

This part of the online course is designed to help traders master their minds and progressively empower themselves.

You will learn how to explore your issues, identify how your subconscious programming and other factors are affecting your life. It provides specific homework to address and re-programme these 'drivers' and very specific insights into your negative subconscious programming, your 'missing pieces' and the coping mechanisms you have developed in reaction to unmet needs. All of these have a significant impact on your trading, your relationships and your ability to generate and sustain abundance in your life.

Technique - by Lewis Evans

The Absolute Fibonacci Framework reveals the fractal nature of currency movements, based on universal rhythms that work across all currency pairs and timeframes. You can back-test it and you will find that it is totally consistent. It's a framework around which you can base any system, but the more you get to understand it, the more you realize that you don't actually need anything else in order to trade successfully.

This part of the e-course includes:

Fibonacci, life and trading
An introduction to Fibonacci
How it works
How it has been traditionally used in trading

Absolute Fibonacci - the universal framework for all currency movements
Application to charts

Seeing currency movements in new ways
Cross-referencing charts
Elliott waves
Trend lines
Stop loss

Working with the Absolute Fibonacci Framework
Intuitive trading
Defining entry and exit
When not to trade
Additional applications for Fibonacci