Staying on track with LEFT Brain Trading

Successful trading is all about applying a good technique consistently. We can find it difficult to apply ourselves with the required consistency, and we often have 'stuff' in the way of that — in the form of personal issues, negative subconscious programming, health challenges, competing demands, etc. These challenges, all too often, prevent us from really seeing and understanding the Framework with a clear and present mind.

Coaching is available on both mindset with Olga Sheean and technique with Lewis Evans.

Should you feel that, having read the e-book, you are 'almost there', but just need a little help to clarify some key points about LEFT Brain Trading, coaching alone may be enough. However, since it is not possible to see the complete picture for a trader who has not done the full One-on-one Premium course, this should not be considered a substitute for it.

For those who have done the DIY e-course and require further assistance to either resolve mindset challenges or to understand the Framework better, coaching is also available. It is advisable to wait a while after reading the e-course to allow for a period of application of homework and integration of learning before asking for coaching.

For attendees of the One-on-one Premium course, a certain level of coaching is built in to the course cost. Following the month allowed for course support and follow-up, email support continues to be available. Should coaching be required, it is available at current rates.

All coaching is pre-paid and carried out on Skype. An audio recording is available for mindset coaching sessions and Skype screen-sharing is used during technique sessions. E-mail for current rates.