What's inside this book

Successful trading is all about applying a good technique consistently. Being human, not machines, we often find it difficult to apply ourselves with the required consistency, and we often have 'stuff' in the way of that — in the form of personal issues, negative subconscious programming, health challenges, competing demands, etc.

Because of this, many traders search for the 'perfect system', or ask others to tell them when to get in and out of trades. All of us are looking for security and positive trading. Unfortunately, as many traders discover, all systems fail in some way, whether by yielding a low percentage of positive trades or by being insufficiently adaptable to the changing characteristics of currency movements. And even if a system is the answer for some, it may not work so well for others, simply because a difference in mindset can impede its proper application.

Wouldn't it be better to know how to be successful on your own?

The technique described in LEFT Brain Trading© enables you to work within a consistently applicable framework. If you like the system you are currently using, LEFT Brain Trading© will enhance its efficacy. Even successul traders have found that it improves their performance. If you want to use it on its own, that's fine too. Traders often find that the LEFT Brain Trading© approach is all that they need.

There are not many places where you can get practical and powerful help for your mindset, rather than a set of recommendations that you may or may not be able to apply. The subconscious is a tricky thing to deal with - firstly because you are not aware of it and, secondly because you rarely realize its impact on your life. LEFT Brain Trading© provides you with practical tools for positively re-programming your mind for success.

There is nowhere else (to our knowledge) that you can find the Absolute Fibonacci — the universal framework within which currencies move. That alone is worth a lot to any trader.


How LEFT Brain Trading© came into being, how it differs from everything else out there and what it can do for you.

Your risk
This book presents tools to help you become a successful trader. While the techniques and principles described cannot guarantee success, they will give you the means to develop powerful trading skills.

Right brain vs left brain
How the two hemispheres of our brain affect our behaviour and decision-making processes and the impact this has on trading.

The qualities we need for successful trading and how to achieve them. How to become a conscious, enlightened trader, what is holding you back and how to fill in your 'missing pieces' so that you stay focused and powerful in your trading.

The Fibonacci sequence and its relevance to trading. How the LEFT Brain Trading© technique uses the Fibonacci in a new and unique way, how to apply it and how it works. Benefits and practical tips for its use.